What cameras do we use? EXIF data from flickr uploads, and more iPhones than ever

I keep saying that the iPhone4 and 4S are worthy, true photographic devices. I truly believe that the camera you use is WAY less important than simple things like good composition, and a creative spirit. I found this the other day and thought I would share. People are using iDevices more and more as their image capture devices, and with the fact that there is supposed to be a new iPhone announced this week and it is projected to sell up to 10 million units in September alone (and it’s almost half over already) that looks to be doing nothing but increasing exponentially.

We are at a time in photographic history that is unprecedented. More images than ever are being created at ever increasing rates. I often wonder if we are bordering on some sort of visual overload as a result – and if we have begun to lose a collective eye for art because of the volumes of mediocrity… but I digress.

Check out this really interesting graph from flickr:


It’s pretty amazing. Based on their information, there were:

  • 99,799 items uploaded from iPhone 4S’s yesterday (9/10/12)
  • 5,147 iPhone 4S users yesterday

There are lots of fun graphs at flickr – they track the EXIF data of uploaded images, and you can drill down by brand, type of camera, etc. On the Flickr Camera Finder site.

What does this mean?

It means that the ability to create pleasing images has never been more accessible to more people than right now.

And you might be one of them. Go Shoot!


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