Wedded bliss – being a photographic spectator


We went to a wedding this past weekend – nearly a 1400 mile round trip, but it was worth it. Two sweet young people, both some of my son’s closest friends if not the closest friends he has, and friends of my daughter as well. They were both in the wedding, so of course, I brought my camera. You will notice that is singular. I didn’t bring the camera bag, any strobes, reflectors or diffusers –  just a camera, one lens, the 17-50 f/2.8. I felt naked.


Wait, I lied. I had the G9 and my phone, too. That makes three cameras. That said, my 9 year old kept the Canon most of the time. I’m really looking forward to getting those images pulled!

Oh well. I didn’t have but one DSLR body. Felt like I had one hand tied behind my back and kept reminding myself why I was there. Heck, I only took about 400 images over the two days between the rehearsal and wedding/reception. Considering you can bang off five or ten every time someone walks anywhere, that’s not a lot. I was truly just enjoying the event and not there for anything but to support my kids and their friends. I would have killed for my other body, my 50mm and 70-300, though. Of course, I would have been killed for having them as well by Lovely Bride and likely the person being paid to be there and make images.





This was one of the prettiest outdoor weddings I’ve ever seen, and the bride did most of the artwork and decor. She’s a talented young lady, and they are both lucky to have such wonderful spouses. Two wonderful families that have raised some terrific kids – I wish them all the best.


The bride’s family at the rehearsal…

To visit my galleries and view additional photos from this weekend, feel free to visit:

I’m sure the “official” pics will be great – this wedding was so photogenic and the bridal party so easy going they will have had no problem getting good images.

One word of advice: When you pay someone to shoot your wedding, if it’s one person, they need to always be within arm’s reach of the bride and groom for the duration of the time you contracted with them for, and shooting candids as well. Ideally they also have a partner shooting details and candids – even if it’s one of their kids – mine have all been grips and secondary shooters as soon as they could hold a point and shoot or a litedisc. If you are shooting a wedding and have to find the bride and groom or ask people in attendance that are taking pictures if you can take a photo that you haven’t already thought of or taken, you’re doing it wrong…

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