Texas Cafes – iPhoneography – Monument Cafe, Georgetown, TX

The Monument Cafe is a long time family favorite. Monument is one of our date night standards and a family weekend breakfast favorite as well. It’s one of those places that has been featured on TV shows and the like, but still keeps its humility and roots. The Monument also tries very hard to keep it fresh and local, so to speak, right down to the amazing herb garden that is part of the front landscaping of the restaurant.

The fresh and local gig is way more than what you might find on the chalkboards that are prevalent inside – there is also an indoor farmer’s market of sorts that you can shop for your own goods at on the back side of the restaurant. When it’s open, the family always enjoys doing some browsing and shopping in there.

We love family weekend breakfasts at the Monument – the pancake selections are amazing, and huge… often like the wait on weekends as well. Last night being date night it was just myself and Lovely Bride, and I was all about the rut that has become my usual – the King Ranch Chicken Special. I am also a huge fan of the fried zucchini side, and I don’t like zucchini. Seriously. It’s THAT good.

The whole experience at Monument is cool – you really do feel like you have stepped in to a cafe reminiscent of Edward Hopper’s “Nighthawks” painting. Honestly, the staff is one of the keys to that experience. I daresay we’ve never had a bad experience dining at the Monument. Last night, our server Travis was so new he didn’t even have a name badge yet, but he was amazingly attentive, kept Lovely Bride’s iced tea full, and put up with our questions and conversations AND his other tables.

I was so in to getting my King Ranch Chicken that I didn’t even snap my customary meal pic. It’s rare that I get so excited about a meal that I forget to take a snap of it, but it really is that good.

That said, I DID get a pic of the crowning glory that is dessert at the Monument. Take any fresh fruit crumble they have on the board, and get a scoop of the homemade frozen custard… oh, my.

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