Texas Cafes – iPhoneography – Blue Bonnet Cafe, Marble Falls TX

One of the first places we found when we moved to Texas was the Blue Bonnet Cafe in Marble Falls. We go there a few times a year, and one of those times is ALWAYS when we go to the Sweet Berry Farm hay maze every fall.

To say that it is a popular eating place would be an understatement. Saturday when we got there (around 1230) the line was “down the hall and out the door, around the corner and in to the parking lot…” which is normal, actually. It’s also usually only about a thirty minute wait – the line is deceiving and they really know how to keep it moving.

As the line moved us in to the building and down the hall, the family discussion centered around the dessert. That’s the biggest decision at the Blue Bonnet – what pie are you going to get? The fare is pretty standard small town cafe. Chicken fried steak and chicken, catfish, sandwiches, breakfast all day, the usual. But the pies, well, they are ANYTHING but the usual.

The line winds past an open kitchen door, where teams of people are preparing the massive amounts of food to keep that line moving, the cooks hardly noticing the gawking hungry customers peeking in to the hive of activity. The line ends at the entrance to the restaurant, which is actually the back door, but hey, it’s easier to get there from the parking lot. When you are waiting for your table, there on the right is the case – the refrigerated home of the pies, just waiting for people like you and I to finish their meals and order a little slice.

The meals are Texas Cafe-licious, and since this is a photo site, I’ll stop rambling, and leave you with photos of the fare and the fact that we all love the Blue Bonnet Cafe!


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