So bad it’s good. Photo Challenge #1

I want to give myself and anyone else who stumbles here a little challenge every so often. This is the first one. I’ll post my own results in here as well. If you take the challenge, post a link to your image(s) in the comments. I’m looking for plugins that would allow photos to be included in the comments. We’ll see.

On to the challenge!

I’m calling this one “So bad, it’s good,” and that’s exactly what it is. There are elements in photographs that many judge the image by, to make it a “good photo.” Basically, those revolve around composition, exposure, focus, depth of field, etc. So for this challenge, pick at least one of these things – like focus, composition, or exposure or whatever… and mess them up on purpose. Dark and blurry? Bright and composed badly? Camera shake mess up the whole image?

The image in this post is a good example. It’s mostly blurry – the focus point is on Bella’s nose rather than her eyes. It’s washed out exposure-wise… I could pick it apart in other ways, but the problem is, I like it. It works for me, even with the broken rules.

So grab your camera and go for extremes. If you pick exposure, your image will be primarily either dark and black or totally washed out. Focus, well, it will be blurry… you get the idea!

Go shoot!

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