Small Town Cafes – iPhoneography – Rosie Jo’s, Ozark, Missouri


We were on a long weekend road trip to a wedding and had exactly one lunch time free… so I turned to yelp. There are a few choices in the Ozark, Missouri area, including some well known and somewhat touristy selections that we were told about.

We decided on this little local cafe called Rosie Jo’s. I think everyone was glad we did!

From the outside, Rosie Jo’s is pretty unremarkable. It’s in a small strip mall, surrounded by one of the many antique malls that are plentiful in the Ozark area. We went in and were pleasantly surprised by the kitchy country (chicken-esque themed) decor and the general feel of the place.


We love the fried pickles at the Texan Cafe back home, and when we saw they were on the menu here, the appetizer choice was unanimous. It was a great choice. The pickles came out hot, lightly battered, crispy and dill-iciously juicy all at the same time, and not overly greasy at all for being deep fried. I think the vote was unanimous that they beat the ones that had been our family favorites at the Texan, and that’s saying something!


Entree-wise, we decided to go all-in, and ordered a couple chicken fried chicken dinners (one with extra gravy) and a club sandwich with onion rings subbed in. Small town cafe bliss ensued. The club sandwich I ordered was impressive and yummy. The chicken fried chicken meals were good, and on par with what we consider a good small town cafe meal: lots of chicken, good mashed taters, not too greasy, etc. Basically some delicious comfort food.



We shared a coconut cream pie slice for dessert – it disappeared too quickly for a photo! The other cool thing is that soft serve ice cream came as a part of the meals – and was good as well! The service was great – the young man who attended our table kept the drinks full, and made sure we had everything we needed.

If we are ever in Ozark Missouri again, I’d definitely return to Rosie Jo’s! It’ was an awesome little gem of a cafe.


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