Awesome and well done photo project

Ran across this project that was done by Canadian photographer Jeff Friesen that he calls “The Canadian.” Pretty cool concept and looks like a LOT of fun to do. With this inspiration, I might have to break out my own model trains of old and haul them around… Check out his site at the link above for more on the project.

Sony nails it.

With the proliferation of inexpensive DSLRs and the “photographers” that the mass market has spawned, Sony is pushing their latest offerings by making painfully accurate fun of DSLR owners… They have mini vids of each of the caricatures on their website as well. Ouch. 🙂

Texas Cafes – iPhoneography – Blue Bonnet Cafe, Marble Falls TX

One of the first places we found when we moved to Texas was the Blue Bonnet Cafe in Marble Falls. We go there a few times a year, and one of those times is ALWAYS when we go to the Sweet Berry Farm hay maze every fall.

To say that it is a popular eating place would be an understatement. Saturday when we got there (around 1230) the line was “down the hall and out the door, around the corner and in to the parking lot…” which is normal, actually. It’s also usually only about a thirty minute wait – the line is deceiving and they really know how to keep it moving.

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Texas Cafes – iPhoneography – Monument Cafe, Georgetown, TX

The Monument Cafe is a long time family favorite. Monument is one of our date night standards and a family weekend breakfast favorite as well. It’s one of those places that has been featured on TV shows and the like, but still keeps its humility and roots. The Monument also tries very hard to keep it fresh and local, so to speak, right down to the amazing herb garden that is part of the front landscaping of the restaurant. Continue reading

iPhoneography: Stumbling upon a restaurant opening

Welcome to El Monumento!

Last night was a long overdue Date Night with my lovely bride. We went to one of our favorite local spots, The Monument Cafe, just up the highway from us in Georgetown TX. It’s one of those great local places that has made it big, if getting on the cable shows like Diners, Drive-ins and Dives means making it big. We had read that they were opening a Mexican restaurant somewhere “down the street” this past summer. I had also noticed a really cool structure being built on the river over the past few months, basically a Texas block down the street from the Monument. After dinner we decided to go see how it was coming along.

Well, it’s done, and guess what? It’s El Monumento, said restaurant. Continue reading

Amazing history… at a Leica thrown party.

How many of us have seen the “Napalm Girl” photo from the Vietnam War? I can say that that photo and photos like it from previous wars like those created by W. Eugene Smith have inspired me for years.

Leica recently threw a huge launch party – please read about it here at petapixel. Out of respect for their images I don’t have any here, but get this – how cool would it be to be at an event where the iconic photographer was with the iconic subject… and more…

Just visit it and read. It’s so totally cool. I know I’ll likely never own a Leica, but it’s the pinnacle of photographic legendery gear for me. Enjoy the link.

Photography Websites?

I have always loved Black and White Magazine. I just remembered that I used to hang out at JPG magazine online as well, and added a link over there on the right.

There are some terrific abandonment photography sites I just remembered that I am always amazed by – environmentalgraffiti and opacity – both incredible sites with images that are moving, and often disturbing as well.

So… where do you wander on the web photographically? Share your favorite places with us!

What cameras do we use? EXIF data from flickr uploads, and more iPhones than ever

I keep saying that the iPhone4 and 4S are worthy, true photographic devices. I truly believe that the camera you use is WAY less important than simple things like good composition, and a creative spirit. I found this the other day and thought I would share. People are using iDevices more and more as their image capture devices, and with the fact that there is supposed to be a new iPhone announced this week and it is projected to sell up to 10 million units in September alone (and it’s almost half over already) that looks to be doing nothing but increasing exponentially.

We are at a time in photographic history that is unprecedented. More images than ever are being created at ever increasing rates. I often wonder if we are bordering on some sort of visual overload as a result – and if we have begun to lose a collective eye for art because of the volumes of mediocrity… but I digress.

Check out this really interesting graph from flickr: Continue reading

So bad it’s good. Photo Challenge #1

I want to give myself and anyone else who stumbles here a little challenge every so often. This is the first one. I’ll post my own results in here as well. If you take the challenge, post a link to your image(s) in the comments. I’m looking for plugins that would allow photos to be included in the comments. We’ll see.

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I want to shoot my kids senior portraits! Part II: Cameras

Part II: Cameras

You’ve decided you would really like to shoot your son or daughter’s senior portraits, but other than family vacations, birthdays and the occasional flower you’ve never really tried to take pictures that are usually left up to “professionals”?

You have a pretty nifty point and shoot that the guy at Best Buy said does a LOT of stuff, but don’t have a big black fancy camera and a bag full of lenses like the pros? Continue reading

I want to shoot my kid’s senior portraits! How hard could it be? Intro: Planning

I hear this every so often, and even though I love shooting Senior Portraits (and am dirt cheap because I do this for fun), I always try to encourage people. I know, I know, the pros out there are saying “C’mon! owning a DSLR makes you a camera owner, not a photographer or an artist!” I get that and agree to some degree, but I think there are a few easy things that a parent can do to actually produce some senior photos that will make both of you happy, and honestly, the photos will mean a lot more to both of you.

This is the first post in a series – I currently have twelve topics planned, who knows how many it will really be, but I’ll try to cover most of the basics, and in fairly short and concise ways. These are not meant to be dissertations on photo technique or gear, but a series of simple, fairly short posts that build on each other to help you get better pictures.

As a parent that is taking this on, you have one distinct advantage over having someone else do it – TIME. Think about it. You have a few months to get photos of your senior. Unlike when you hire someone to do this, you don’t have to do it all at once! Continue reading

Texas Cafes – Hit the Spot (Micro-iPhoneography-essay)

My family and I are on a quest – we want to eat at as many small town Texas cafes as possible. Today we paid a first visit to one we’ve driven by a few times out on the way to Bastrop (where the big forest fires were last summer.) So I thought this would be a worthy place for a micro photo essay.

It’s a cool place – the restaurant is also the town Library. That’s how small town it is! The place was spotless, our server Erica was helpful and terrific and the food, well. Wow. Continue reading