Small Town Cafes – iPhoneography – Rosie Jo’s, Ozark, Missouri


We were on a long weekend road trip to a wedding and had exactly one lunch time free… so I turned to yelp. There are a few choices in the Ozark, Missouri area, including some well known and somewhat touristy selections that we were told about.

We decided on this little local cafe called Rosie Jo’s. I think everyone was glad we did! Continue reading

Wedded bliss – being a photographic spectator


We went to a wedding this past weekend – nearly a 1400 mile round trip, but it was worth it. Two sweet young people, both some of my son’s closest friends if not the closest friends he has, and friends of my daughter as well. They were both in the wedding, so of course, I brought my camera. You will notice that is singular. I didn’t bring the camera bag, any strobes, reflectors or diffusers –  just a camera, one lens, the 17-50 f/2.8. I felt naked.

MattNClarey_1Kpx_0011 Continue reading

BMW Races at Circuit of the Americas

IMG_7153-001I went out to COTA with my son a couple weeks ago to check out a BMW club race. Needless to say, it was SO cool. We had free run of the place, and with that access, got some decent shots. I didn’t go out to shoot, and near the end of the main race decided to shoot some individual cars – good thing, since somehow the BMW Car Club of America got wind of the pics and has since posted them on their Facebook and elsewhere. Cool.

Anyway, here are some pics! Next time I’ll go for some slower shutter panning – I didn’t intend to shoot the race, thus didn’t bring a tripod or mono to help steady the pan. Continue reading

Texas Cafes – iPhoneography – Dahlia Cafe, Liberty Hill TX


Took the family to Enchanted Rock yesterday, and on the way back we took the opportunity to visit the Dahlia Cafe in Liberty Hill TX – it’s been on my “Cafe iPhoneography” list and on our personal list to visit for quite some time, and was worth the wait!

dahlia_1200_0004The Dahlia is an old house that was once a garden center and is now obviously a cafe. It was really interesting and it looks like it could be the center of breakfast AND night life in Liberty Hill. The back has a cute playground, a stage, and lots of seating under the trees.


Once you figure out that you go in through the back door (it’s pretty obvious) then you’re in for a treat. The people and service were terrific, and my family declared that the chicken fried chicken was the best we’ve had. That’s saying something, since in that realm of our family, the Dahlia is competing against the likes of Hit the Spot, Texan Cafe, and even the not so small but TV star Monument Cafe (those are listed in order of the family “best chicken fried stack rank,” actually.) Continue reading

Making the move? A hosting decision needs to be made.


My SmugMug subscription is about to expire.

I’ve been with them for four years, have over 6,000 images there.

At this moment, I’m not sure if I’m going to renew for another year. After discussing my journey here when they raised prices and all, I’ve had a lot of time to think. The bottom line for me is UI and design. SmugMug has lots of possibilities, but you have to be a rocket surgeon to really get it right. Zenfolio limits the possibilities, but their prepackaged designs and both user and visitor UI experience trump SmugMug. It’s literally like Apple vs. PC user experiences. At this point in my life, I need to spend less time trying to get my site to do what I want, and more time enjoying life and creating images. I don’t sell a lot of photos, but like the capability. Continue reading

Ansel Adams: Manzanar


It seems that just about every photo enthusiast has heard of Ansel Adams. Rightfully so. With his trademark Zone System that he developed in 1940 with Fred Archer that divided photos in to eleven tonal zones from Zero (pure black) to X (pure white) and his use of that system to create some of the most stunning landscape images in history, it’s not surprising that most people know him for those images.

Adams was also a very socially conscious person, and in 1943, he went to Manzanar, in the Owens Valley – a remote and almost desolate location on the East side of his beloved Sierra Nevada Mountains. Manzanar, now a National Historic Site, is the location of one of ten Japanese American Incarceration camps of WWII. The camps are a sad reminder of the fear and government of the WWII era. Adams went there to capture life in the incarceration camp, and found that in spite of the circumstances, human spirit prevailed. Continue reading

Freshening the place up a bit…

Ive been trying to figure out what to do here to make it fun for me, and interesting for you.  With so many photoblogs out there, you have a lot of choices, and while this is a fun endeavor in itself, it’s more fun when people actually enjoy it and use the information. I recently found a way to put my instagram images in to a sidebar feed here, did a little bit of cleaning house and rearranging, and am happier with the layout – lots of posts sitting in my Evernote drafts, time to get to work on them!