Infrared conversion: Fujifilm X-E1

I sent my remaining X-E1 to Lifepixel a few months ago for a 720 nm infrared conversion.

I chose the 720 nanometer basically due to its all-around IR capabilities. You can push the files for the harsh contrasty black and white, or even keep the violet cast originals. I personally like the odd lavender and sepia tone the 720 conversion produces. 

As with any infrared conversion, it’s a game of adjust, bracket, shoot, repeat, but I have it fairly dialed in now. 

The week I received the conversion back, I left on a long work trip. Here are a few of the initial images… nothing stellar, but honestly, I was far more invested in color on that trip, as shooting time as an evening business traveling tourist is so limited. These pics were made  on a weekend day in Nice, France. Very little post processing, all iPad workflow.

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