Infrared conversion: Fujifilm X-E1

I sent my remaining X-E1 to Lifepixel a few months ago for a 720 nm infrared conversion.

I chose the 720 nanometer basically due to its all-around IR capabilities. You can push the files for the harsh contrasty black and white, or even keep the violet cast originals. I personally like the odd lavender and sepia tone the 720 conversion produces. 

As with any infrared conversion, it’s a game of adjust, bracket, shoot, repeat, but I have it fairly dialed in now. 

The week I received the conversion back, I left on a long work trip. Here are a few of the initial images… nothing stellar, but honestly, I was far more invested in color on that trip, as shooting time as an evening business traveling tourist is so limited. These pics were made  on a weekend day in Nice, France. Very little post processing, all iPad workflow.

Tremendous perspective…

It’s been a long time since I have posted, but since nobody really reads this, that’s just dandy. 

But I just read this, and completely agree with the author. Awesome read… From a photography perspective, and of course the X-100 thoughts are good, too. Enjoy. 

But I need to go full frame to be legit!


Your images make you legit, not your gear. It’s really THAT SIMPLE. Unless you are wanting to print billboard sized prints, nobody but you will even know you are using a high dollar full frame body.

Spend the money on quality glass and get over it.

Some additional thoughts from people far more believeable than me:

Going Mirrorless


Fujifilm X-E1 (Fujifilm Photo)

I did it.

If you’re one of the four people who have read anything here, you know I have a personal soapbox about the fact that your gear doesn’t make your images, you do.

For a long time, I, like many, subscribed to the fallacy that to be taken seriously, you had to have a big, heavy DSLR or two hanging from your shoulder or neck (or both.) Sure, I still liked the simple setup and had a bit of a minimalist view on gear, but it had to be a traditional 35mm looking mirror flipping camera, because I was seriously in to photography, and if I had a couple of those, the average Joe would know just how serious I was because I had the right gear attached to me…

I was wrong.

Yep, completely wrong.
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Living the dream

dzjournalI had posted a couple years ago on my personal catchall blog about Daniel Zvereff – a tweet made by Leica today jolted me back in to living vicariously through his work.

If you’ve ever had visions of traveling the world with a notebook and a Leica, this will be an amazing site for you to read and follow.

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Very interesting perspective…

I had a discussion on a plane yesterday with a photo enthusiast – Would people take you seriously without a DSLR? Man, I hope so. It’s not the gear, it’s what’s between your ears.

Whoa… I think I just made myself a tagline… My very own quote. Yeehaw.

Wait. This was supposed to be a post about DSLR v Hybrid, and I wanted to share a video. So, well, here you go:

Digital Street Phototography gets a whole new meaning


This is odd, cool, different… not sure how to explain it.

This artist, Fernando Pereira Gomes, takes street photos using his in-game call phone in Grand Theft Auto V. You read that correctly. He takes street photos from inside a video game using a phone that the in-game character has.

Check out some of the images he’s getting on his site for the project:

Photo History: Timothy O’Sullivan

Timothy O'Sullivan

While he is best known as a Civil War Photographer and for his “Harvest of Death” image, Timothy O’Sullivan spent the years after the war “out West” creating images of some iconic western landscapes and the people who lived and worked in the true Wild West.


This link/article at petapixel explores that part of his life, and also links to O’Sullivan’s images that are at the Library of Congress. Great reading and viewing. Enjoy!